Major and Minor

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The Major

The major in Africana Studies consists of a minimum of ten (10) courses, constituting at least 30 credit hours and no less than four (4) upper level courses. It entails training across disciplinary lines as well as concentrated study in a single discipline: 

Introductory Course  (1)    
Humanities  (3)    
Social Sciences  (3)     
Disciplinary Concentration  (3)         
In addition, students are encouraged to pursue independent study opportunities to enhance their knowledge of specific aspects of Africana Studies.

Major Declaration Form

The Minor

The minor consists of a minimum of five (5) courses, constituting at least 15 hours of study that includes the introductory course and no less than two upper level courses in the field. 
Core Courses: 
Core courses concentrate on subject material directly relevant to the study of past and present experiences of people of African descent. 

Minor Declaration Form