Whose Unmet Need (for contraception)? Deconstructing Received Concepts

Speaker / Presenter: 

Akuoso Ampofo, Director of the African Studies Institute at the University of Ghana
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 4:00pm


Drawing on 25 years of experience as a scholar and activist in the field of African and Gender Studies, Dr. Adomako Ampofo will examine issues of knowledge and social reproduction, and gender inequalities. From her work on reproductive decision making in Ghana, Adomako Ampofo will show how triangulation in this case based on a national survey (the demographic and health survey), a data survey she collected among spouses, and personal (separate) interviews with spouses—was used to 
examine and critique a social science/demographic concept (of “unmet need”). Her presentation will provide an opportunity to discuss how concepts are culturally-specific, and the need for a cultural understanding of societies in the development of concepts and theories.)