Raven Gaddy

Raven Gaddy




Africana Studies, Global Studies


Past President of the UMOJA House (2013-2014), United Nations Youth Representative for the African Citizens Development Foundation NGO, Student Operations Manager for Lehigh Men's Basketball.


Sustainable Development &International Affairs

Raven Gaddy is a member of the Class of 2015 from Hartford, CT. One of her biggest interests and pastimes is travel, as she has traveled to Italy on 3 separate occasions, Kenya twice, Costa Rica, and Fiji. These trips have varied in purpose from academic semesters abroad to community service and Sustainable Development work. She is currently studying abroad in Morocco (Fall 2014) as part of a Journalism and New Media program. When not in classes, she devotes most of her time working as the Digital Public Relations Intern for the socially-conscious clothing line, Royal Dynamite. After graduation, Raven intends to complete both Graduate and International Law degrees.