Lyasha Bishop

Lyasha Bishop




Vice President


Africana Studies, English, History


President of Black Student Union, Co-Head Resident Assistant to LUSSI, Gryphon Society, Diversity Life Group Leader, Co-Founder of Bosses Basketball Association, Co-Founder of Sweet Pirouette Dance Company, Admissions Ambassador, The Color Consciousness Project (Ghana), Cheerleading.


African History and the African Diaspora

Lyasha Bishop is a junior at Lehigh University. She describes herself as someone who seeks out creative curiosity. She is able to do so by her three disciplines in Africana Studies, English, and History. Through these programs she is able to study literature while focusing on historical data. She is the most proud of her Research Project entitled “The Color Consciousness Project”. This ethnographic research allowed her to travel to Ghana to experience what makes African people and members of the diaspora conscious of their identity. She was able to use literature, history and Africana Studies to collect data to enhance her project. She is currently preparing to begin her senior thesis on the impact and connection of power and fair skin in Ghanaian society. She will be drawing parallels from a large amount of her research from “The Color Consciousness Project”. Lyasha is involved in a host of other activities including, but not limited to, The Black Student Union, The Gryphon Society, Cheerleading, LUSSI (Lehigh University Summer Scholar’s Institute) and Co-Founding two non-profit organizations. However what she is most proud of is that she has the privilege of being the president of The Black Student Union during its 50th Anniversary at Lehigh University. She is grateful to her Executive Board and is planning a year full of fun, historical memory and celebration. Lyasha intends on furthering her education after her Bachelors of Arts degree and attending a dual program for her J.D and PHD.