Decolonizing solidarity: Dilemmas and directions for supporters of Indigenous struggles

Speaker / Presenter: 

Dr Clare Land Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Unit, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Monday, October 5, 2015 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Wiliams Hall, Room 80
This lecture presents a unique view of the politics of solidarity by people of colonial backgrounds with Indigenous struggles for land rights in the south east of Australia. The paper focuses on the dilemmas inherent in this particular solidarity project, and is informed by both the history of non-Indigenous support action in Australia, emerging solidarity work and the author’s own experiences. The paper offers insights into how activists of colonial backgrounds can be more effective in their efforts to support Indigenous activism by reconstructing interests and undertaking both public political action and critical self-reflection. In the current political climate it is more urgent than ever that problematic non-Indigenous practices are transformed, to enable more successful and powerful alliances with Indigenous movements. The ideas presented are based on the substance of Indigenous peoples’ challenges to non-Indigenous supporters about the mode of their solidarity. 
Clare Land is a non-Aboriginal activist and researcher who has been involved in supporting Aboriginal land rights struggles in southeast Australia since 1998. She works in the Koori history archive of Gary Foley (a long-time Aboriginal activist and historian who wrote the foreword to the book), and at the Reichstein Foundation, one of Australia’s most innovative philanthropic foundations. She volunteers on 3CR, a left-wing community radio station in Melbourne, Australia. 
Joint event of Africana Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.